6 Key Benefits of using Profound Logic’s Modernisation Products 

At Logicmate our IBM i Software Solutions empower, guide and advise businesses on modernising their IBM i platform (please don’t refer to it as AS/400 or iSeries), to help you develop new web & mobile applications, by offering a range of intelligent IBM i Software Solutions for today’s world. 

One of these solutions from our IBM i Software Solutions portfolio is the range of Profound Logic Products. Profound Logic is at the cutting edge of modernisation solutions. They offer innovative technology for legacy applications, open source programming and mobile development on IBM i systems. 

Owner and Systems Development Consultant from Logicmate, Tracy has put together 6 key benefits of Profound Logic’s products: 

  1. Built solely for RPG Programmers –  there’s no better product for designing web applications in RPG on an IBM i 
  2. Part of a product suite that covers  complete IBM i web design from start to finish including;
    a. On the fly rendering of web applications from your existing screens and programs
    b. Development of new web applications in RPG
    c. A whole new world of open source offerings to cater for what the future holds 
  3. Provides easy integration with other systems and platforms 
  4. Speeds up system development time considerably by utilising pre-built functionality – it can be added to your new applications in minutes
  5. Provides overnight modernisation of existing systems, straight out of  the box, providing web based solutions using a browser 
  6. Changes the perception of the IBM i platform – showing the IBM i as the world-class server it is. 

These are just a few points in Tracy’s opinion, on why you should consider enhancing your existing systems with Profound Logic’s products.  If you’d like to discuss how Logicmate can help modernise your existing platform – Get in touch with the team at Logicmate today!