Would using Dashboards benefit your business with the IBM i?

At Logicmate our IBM i Software Solutions empower, guide and advise businesses on modernising their IBM i platform (please don’t refer to it as AS/400 or iSeries), to help you develop new web & mobile applications, by offering a range of intelligent IBM i Software Solutions for today’s world. 

We talk a lot about modernisation at Logicmate….a lot believe me!  It’s the key phrase within the IBM i industry and a cliche one at that – but it truly does represent what we are trying to convey –  how we can provide you with the skills and powerful solutions to enable you to transform your existing IBM i systems?  

At Logicmate, we firmly believe we can offer you intelligent business solutions that will benefit your business by going beyond modernisation, to transform the clarity and information within your displays. An example of this is IBM i Dashboards. 

Users can quickly and easily develop complex data into instant insights, crunching complex data into easy to view dashboards.

These dashboards are useful in many ways and would benefit any business. But how? 

  • Management reporting
  • Productivity – with real-time data – ideal for call centres, manufacturing line productivity information etc.  
  • “One truth” data, directly from the system
  • Help everyone “sing from the same hymn sheet” 

Our partner Profound Logic had a recent customer share some data dashboards that they had created themselves using ProfoundUI and this is what live stats within a Call Centre or production line would look like:

Call Centre Dashboard

Profound UI is a full-featured graphical user interface platform for RPG, Node.js, and PHP development. The platform offers developers an easy, natural method for creating connected applications that deliver rich user experiences, regardless of project complexity or organisation size.

Genie – on-the-fly modernisation for your green screen applications. You can go beyond traditional “screen scraping” by adding browser-based UI elements and modern navigation to your screens.

So could your business benefit?  Get in touch with the Logicmate team today and let us help you strengthen your case for modernisation.