Mail Sorting using InterForm IBM i Output Management

Listening to a client’s challenges and applying intelligent solutions really does pay off... 

We were asked to provide a IBM i Output Management consultancy to a client whose role each morning was to print out numerous letters for their clients, which resulted in a large stack of printed output for manual sorting.  Once the letters were printed, they had to manually sift through the pile and sort them into postal requirements of 1st or 2nd Class. 

So two piles were created…..

The team member then had to separate the correspondence further, establishing those letters that needed attachments and then ensuring that the correct enclosures were married-up to the letters.

So four (or sometimes more) piles were then created….. 

As you can imagine, the process was rather arduous and could often take up the whole morning to complete, distracting the team member from their normal daily tasks. We were able to offer a solution to the client’s woes in the form of an Intelligent IBM i Output Management solution from InterForm. 

The solution 

InterForm can sift through all the data by postal requirements and inclusion information in a matter of minutes, as opposed to many manual hours. By converting this paper-based routine into an electronic process, InterForm streamlined our client’s letter output, ready for envelope insertion and franking, which increased the overall efficiency of the department and in so doing, also offered cost savings to the client too.  

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