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Identifying a client's need to adapt their output management reporting process to make it more efficient

When visiting a client recently, they identified to us they needed to adapt their output management reporting on the IBM i process to make it more efficient. It was evident almost immediately that their current reporting structure was clunky and in need of streamlining. So, by implementing one of our intelligent output management solutions, we could show them how we could not only increase their efficiency but also improve their overall reporting functionalities.

What was the challenge?

Our client, who runs a chain of shops throughout the UK, ran a month end process generating lots of reports which needed to be distributed to the right person with the right information, removing clutter and details that were not necessary - the following are examples of the reports that were run;  

  • Full  Transaction Report
  • Sales Region Report 
  • Sales Manager Report
  • Sales by Store  

Month end process (manual)..

After each report had been generated and printed, the users were then responsible for taking copies of specific pages and creating a reporting pack for various personnel;

  • Managing Director - only interested in the totals from each report
  • Sales Region managers - only interested in details for their region
  • Sales Managers - only interested in their staff
  • Store Managers - only interested in their store’s details

This had become rather time-consuming for them, but an element of the job that was required, so we quickly explained to them that it didn’t have to be that way. 

It became apparent, almost immediately that we were able to offer them a solution. 

The solution

They were already running our InterForm output management solution and just needed some help in some configurations. We set off producing a reporting pack end of month process.

InterForm is not just a forms overlay package, it’s a full blown output management solution. With this in mind, we were able to merge reports together, split out relevant pages, with a selection of just the right pages and finally, outputting new reports with just the details required. We then added a process to email the reports to the right email groups, with their corporate branding.

Within minutes of the final month end report being produced, everything was delivered. By implementing this solution, it revolutionised their management reporting and increased the overall efficiency of the sales department. 

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