How do you fancy building data-driven Business Applications 10x Faster with NodeRun? 

Building business web applications can be extremely costly and labour intensive and if you haven’t got the skill set within your organisation, it can become one big headache. Fear not, Logicmate has the solution – NodeRun. With NodeRun you can reduce these issues and create custom-built, data-driven, cloud-based business applications 10 x faster. 

At Logicmate we are a team of Integration & Modernisation Specialists, that can deliver a range of intelligent IBM i Software Solutions for today’s world. We partner with Profound Logic to provide a range of Intelligent Application Modernisation Tools that will innovate your business for the future. 

NodeRun is Profound Logic’s latest cloud-based full-stack development, rapid application development platform for Javascript & NodeJS. It complements your existing pool of developers’ skill set by helping them learn, implement and deploy Node.js applications within your business, without the need to employ new developers. 

NodeRun Profound Logic

There are many other advantages of using NodeRun to develop your existing business applications, such as: 

  • It can integrate with your existing databases as it understands a variety of databases (DB2, Oracle & MySQL etc)
  • If data isn’t available, NodeRun is intuitive, as it has the tools to configure and create new databases
  • New applications can integrate with existing legacy systems
  • With its responsive Drag & Drop Visual Designer, you can see your business application designs come to life immediately 
  • It’s free to use, plus there’s an enterprise version called Profound.JS that you can install yourself. 

Did you know that we offer direct support, implementation and training for all of our products & services? We also run monthly Free Byte Sized Training sessions on a range of our products, as well as send out Techie Corners, where we share useful tips with you, from our product solutions portfolio. If you’d like to be included in our mailing, please click here. 

So if you need guidance on getting up and running with NodeRun get in touch and let us help.