Start your IBM i Modernisation Journey

Let Logicmate help you build a business case for IBM i Modernisation. 

You already know that the IBM i is robust, it’s been in place for many years and we’re sure it’s proven to have given you the reliability your business needed. For those of you (and there are plenty) that still refer to the IBM i as an AS400, remember, the AS400 died just after the turn of the millennium – we’re now talking of the new modern IBM i running on “Power” technology.   

The one challenge that you may have faced, however, is the user interface. It’s often seen as outdated and not exactly state of the art! In addition, your business has probably introduced other technologies, face a diminishing resource pool and requires better integration with the systems involved.  

A lot of companies are unable to rapidly change. This can be for many reasons, and the cost implications of the project can be a major blocker – convincing higher management why they should invest can be a tricky hurdle to overcome. 

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Building a business case is the 1st step on your IBM i modernisation journey. Here are 5 steps to consider before putting together your business case for modernisation: 

  • Outline the issues in a clear format. Many decision-makers aren’t technical, so they need to see a clear and concise reason why they should loosen the purse strings
  • Don’t be negative. State the reasons why and how the modernisation project will overcome the issues you are facing and any real concerns the company could potentially face as a result.  Clearly define how the modernisation project will benefit the business
  • Define a time frame if you can. Don’t set yourself unreasonable timescales just to impress, that in the long run, you’re not able to adhere to – be realistic
  • As stated above, we are finding from speaking to developers that the biggest hurdle to overcome is cost. We can help you draw up a roadmap that defines a direct transition from where the business is currently and where you believe the modernization project can benefit the business. Also consider how it will affect (in a positive way), other departments within the business. A good example may be the HR Department and how it can reduce the time needed to train new employees and developers
  • Don’t go in all guns blazing with a staggering cost for the project. Break it down into agile bite-sized pieces. Consider breaking the project down into stages and prioritise the applications that need modernising first. In an ideal world we know you’d like it all done together but if you don’t make your modernisation project business case clear and concise, you may lose even before you’ve begun. 

Above are just 5 of many reasons why you should let us help you put forward a business case for modernisation. 

At Logicmate, our aim is to empower, guide and advise you on modernising your IBM i systems, and to develop new web & mobile applications, by offering a range of Intelligent IBM i Software Solutions for today’s world. 

Let us help you develop an IBM i modernisation roadmap for your business. Get in touch with the team to see how.