Let’s go beyond the Green Screen with Genie

and show you green screen modernisation the way it should be, with a product called Genie from Profound Logic. 

With Genie, you can enhance, revolutionise and customise your existing 5250 green screens, all without the need for programming. 

At Logicmate, we partner with Profound Logic to offer green screen modernisation as well as a range of Web & Mobile modernisation tools, to revolutionise your existing business applications. 

Genie is often referred to as a screen scraper- but it truly is a whole lot more! It’s a 5250 data screen that you can view within a web-based browser and include a range of rich UI elements.  With Genie you can instantly run all of your green screen applications in a browser, with minimal configuration – this can be done globally throughout your business with the ability to drill it down even further, to customise various screens – ideal for different departments and levels of access. 

Below is an example of a typical green screen: 


Logicmate Before Green ScreenLogicmate After Green Screen

This is an example of what the application looks like within a browser, with the Genie out of the box solution – further customisation can be achieved. 

You also can add rich data, such as addresses and maps: Genie Map

As well as full customisation features:

Why Genie? 

  • It’s a quick and easy way to modernise your green screens
  • Little investment in time & resources to implement 
  • Browser-based resources can be used such as URLs, google maps etc…
  • Has a range of modern interfaces
  • Accurate rendering of your applications 
  • Dynamic content can be included as it’s completely customisable
  • A range of enhanced rich components can be implemented 
  • No RPG or javascript experience required 
  • Security of using a secure web-based browser navigation 

There is also a complete range of tools to modernise your business applications – click here to find out more. 

With the availability of these intelligent IBM i business solutions, it’s never been a better time to embrace and implement this new wave of modernisation solutions into your business. 

We offer training and support for all products too. Get in touch and let us enhance your existing systems. 

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