Transform your legacy RPG code

With RPG code conversion

Businesses running all over the globe face a range of challenges when running legacy code within their systems. For instance, when running systems using old RPG code on the IBM i, you will almost certainly find some limitations. Whilst RPG may have served your business well for many years, now would be a good time to look at using a more modern language.

RPG code conversion Logicmate

If limitations brought about by your old RPG legacy code is a challenge you are facing, we can help you transform your code into flexible, automated code for today’s world. 

Flexible Code Transformation is a way that you can utilise your legacy RPG code and produce an equivalent app running in Node.JS – a service offered by Profound Logic – the only Company to offer the flexible code transformation service. 

Below we have detailed some of the benefits of transforming your RPG legacy code: 

Agile – Deploy to cloud-based or hybrid platforms 

Portable – Connects with IBM i and non-IBM i platforms  

Speedy – Responds to change quickly within your development team

Efficient – Can reduce the time spent maintaining your legacy code by up to 80% 

Stable – Encourages a new generation of developers 

Safe – Eliminates running applications with code that isn’t optimized 

Flexible – You control how much code to transform and when 

Modern – Develop new applications, giving them a more modern look and feel

Economical – Can reduce development costs by up to 58% – making way for new development projects.

Logicmate is proud to be in partnership with Profound Logic in offering a range of IBM i web & mobile application solutions, focussed on transforming, simplifying and modernising your legacy applications.  

Together with Profound Logic, we can provide businesses with the ability to transform and future-proof their business, whilst preserving their IBM i investment.  Click here to download more information on Flexible Code Transformation on the IBM i.  

Our range of digital transformation solutions offers a clear digital transformation path for your business applications, by providing a tailored service. 

Get in touch with us to find out how we can begin your digital transformation journey. 

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