Developing New IBM i Applications with ProfoundUI

Looking for a quick and effective way to deliver modern, browser based IBM i business applications? We have the solution with Profound UI. 

Profound UI is a web based platform that can transform your existing RPG applications into modern web and mobile applications with a user friendly graphical interface. 

You may recall one of my Byte Sized Training sessions “build a supplier order app in 15 minutes” The video demonstrates how to create a Supplier Order System Application, utilising RPG from scratch in only 15 minutes, using Profound UI on the IBM i . Go take a look if you missed it – you won’t be disappointed!

We are proud to be In partnership with Profound Logic. Their Profound UI solution offers a range of new development RPG, PHP, and Node.js applications – all that integrate with each other, within your existing applications, and are straightforward and simple to produce.

Why choose  ProfoundUI?;

Use your existing resources – By using current talent, RPG assets and hardware you already have, you won’t need to outsource, train, develop or migrate to a non-IBM i platform. 

It’s future proof – You can extend the life of your RPG business applications and hire developers with open-source skills and experience. 

100% native to the IBM i – It eliminates the need to use other languages and technologies  such as Java, .NET and Windows clients. 

Want to find out more about ProfoundUI and how it can save your business money and so much more? 

Profound UI Features:

  • Drag and Drop designer: Simple tool to design graphical interfaces
  • Web Application conversion: Automate source code conversion and deliver browser apps.
  • RPG OA handler: Take the RPG applications beyond the 5250 data stream and to any web browser
  • Role based navigation: Replace green screen menus with secure web browser navigation. 

Click here to get in touch with the Logicmate team. 

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