Create bespoke XML output for your IBM i with InterForm

Developing a bespoke output management infrastructure for your IBM i applications is imperative to future proof your business. At Logicmate, we can help you create and manage multiple formats in documents such as invoices, credit notes, order confirmations, 

With InterForm, you can further strengthen your output process by sending data directly from your IBM i (AS400 / iSeries) applications using XML adding flexibility and efficiency to your output workflow.

You can convert your input data into any structured XML format. InterForm will map this data to the identified XML tag.

Some of InterForm  features include: 

  • Create bespoke industry & country-specific XML formats 
  • Import or create your own XML templates
  • Manage varying formats 
  • It runs on the IBM i 
  • Advanced data management via XPath
  • Integrates with InterForm workflow
  • Distribute data via Web Service, VANS, FTP or email
  • Time-efficient 

With InterForm, you can combine printing, PDF, Emailing, and XML all in the same distribution workflow.

Get in touch with the team at Logicmate, and let us work together to future proof your system output solutions. 

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