IBMi Futurisation.

If you are considering transforming your business systems, how would you even get started? How do you choose a language and begin to incorporate it into your everyday development? Let’s dive into the complicated world of futurising your business built on legacy code.

What is Legacy code? 

We call the original IBM i code “Legacy”. Why? Because Legacy implies Heritage, with a long lasting impact. Legacy code is difficult to replace because of its wide use. However, although legacy has a lot of value to bring, developers must be thinking, what about the future? How can we bring what we already have that’s robust and working into the future and successfully? 

Business applications that are running on original IBM i RPG could well become obstinate and unportable. If you want to implement microservices, connect IBM i and non-IBM i data, and eventually move to a cloud or hybrid-cloud environment, you may need to look at a different approach.

How can Logicmate help you get started? 

Prioritise your needs. Logicmate can help you build and execute a futurisation roadmap based around your specific requirements. 

The first conversation that typically takes place surrounds which target language makes sense for your specific business needs. If there is a solid case for futurisation, the real question is how will modern code support me in the future? 

General considerations should be:

Resource – What are your current programmer skills, and how long will those skill sets be available to you? If you don’t see those skills supporting you for the next decade or so, then choosing a language or a version of a language where skills are easily procured and learned seems to make sense in securing a sustainable future. 

Platform – What concerns are there, if any, regarding the platform you are running? Are there multiple platforms of which consolidation or integration would aid? Does the programming language tie you to one of those platforms, and is that platform strategic to your future or not? Is the platform legacy, or is it the code? 

Database – Is the data provided by your applications suitable and sufficient? 

In the meantime, if you’d like to discuss how Logicmate can help transform your existing platform or if you require further information on any of our products or services please get in touch with the team.

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