API Security


API Security API security & why it is so important in today's digital world APIs play a vital role in software development and digital transformation allowing different software applications to communicate and share data. There are now more than 24,000 public APIs that are used by millions of developers [...]

API Security2023-09-14T15:57:47+01:00

IBMi Futurisation


IBMi Futurisation. If you are considering transforming your business systems, how would you even get started? How do you choose a language and begin to incorporate it into your everyday development? Let’s dive into the complicated world of futurising your business built on legacy code. What is Legacy code?  [...]

IBMi Futurisation2023-01-26T12:47:25+00:00

Accelerate your IBMi digital transformation with low code


Accelerate your IBMi digital transformation with low code. Low code does exactly what it says on the tin - an easy and speedy software development approach that enables the delivery of applications fast and with minimal coding. Research suggests 65% of application development activity will be low-code by 2024. [...]

Accelerate your IBMi digital transformation with low code2022-12-13T16:17:07+00:00
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