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Our skilled Logicmate IBM i Training and Support Team can provide direct support, implementation and training for all of our products and services.

Logicmate IBM i Training & Support provides a Software Development Consultancy Service; by which we can handle a project entirely on site or provide support on a monthly or daily basis. We’re on hand to guide and provide you with insights into all aspects of our products and any new features available to you.

Free Byte Sized Training Sessions are our speciality and are offered monthly they are available via Go to Meeting, but are also uploaded onto our YouTube Channel. These sessions are useful to supplement your own skills, provide re-caps or for you to gain further knowledge of all aspects of application modernisation and output management. We’re also part of the I-UG User Group and take part in a number of sessions and provide training & education at seminars and events.

Our Free Byte Sized Training Sessions

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