InterForm400 RFID tags can help future proof your supply chain. 

Why not use Interform400 & InterFormNG to create these?

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags are used widely within many supply chain industries such as automotive and retail, due to their reliability to identify and label products/items. 

RFID tags are a fundamental element to many companies’ supply chains as they collate data, track products, provide clear identification of items, trigger payments and support overall logistics functions of the business.  Within the automotive industry, for example, they can identify and track from when a car is being assembled on the production line, to when it leaves the factory. The majority of the personalisation of a car happens during assembly, so there are many versions of the same model on the production line at one time. RFID tags will identify each item that belongs to a car and the car itself, ensuring accuracy in real-time data. 

With InterForm400 & InterFormNG you can extend your label printing capabilities with ready to use templates, adhering to OEM guidelines, to provide a complete turnkey solution to create RFID labels/RFID tags.  Below are just a few other benefits of using InterForm400 & InterFormNG to create RFID’s: 

  • Complements any ERP
  • No programming & integration is required
  • Meets the current RFID requirements 

RFID tags could also be used for returnable packaging. For instance, some manufacturers are starting to insist on their usage within the supply chain process to cut down on waste.

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