What is Output Management?

It’s referred to by several different names – System Output Management, Output Management Solutions, OMS & Process Output Management to name but a few. At Logicmate we partner with InterForm to provide you with two Output Management Solutions  – InterForm400 & InterFormNG. 

Essentially Output Management is a solution to efficiently handle your entire process of creating, designing, and delivering a range of business information from your ERP system to other trading partners. This could include printed output documents or data in electronic format, XML, CSV, PDF, Excel and Word documents etc.

InterForm400 is a native IBM i software solution that allows you to design, handle and distribute documents in a variety of distribution outputs such as laser printout (PCL), labels (ZPL/IPL), .XLS, .CSV, .TXT, PDF Encryption, with Digital Signatures, as well as word documents.

InterFormNG is a platform-independent version of InterForm400, that can be used on any other platform running Java, such as Windows, Linux and AIX, that allows you to design, handle and distribute your document handling with total flexibility and independence. 

Logicmate System Output Solutions with InterForm
Logicmate System Output Solutions with InterForm
Why InterForm? 

When you implement InterForm you’re investing in an intuitive Output Management Solution that will streamline and manage your entire business workflow. 

Many companies that use a default output solution or infrastructure with various applications, which they find clunky, unyielding, costly and can be time-consuming to support, with no ability to generate consistent designed output. InterForm solves these output management concerns.

InterForm is a single application that can manage all your businesses’ output across your entire infrastructure. InterForm acts as a central tool, allowing you to combine multiple distribution channels like laser printing, label printing, PDFs, email, XML and much more, in single and multi-distribution flows. 

Are you struggling with the output of your documents? Would you like to eliminate duplicate workflows to ensure you accommodate both customer demands and industry regulations? Let us talk to you about how InterForm400 & InterFormNG can revolutionise your business.

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