The complete IBM i Fax Solution

The use of fax in the 21st Century is often seen as being antiquated.

It is, however, still required in some industries. InterForm provides an intelligent fax solution for your IBM i output management needs and it’s called InterFax.  

InterFax400 manages the inbound and outbound distribution of your InterForm400 generated documents, eliminating the dependency on stand-alone fax machines

InterFax400 is a native fax solution for your IBM i and the answer to centralising your output management with no need for PC server technology.  Your only requirement is a phone line and a fax modem. Internal IBM i fax modems are also supported. 

IBM i Fax Solution

Some of InterFax400 features: 

  • It’s a native IBM i solution
  • Provides a full distribution log
  • Has multiple fax line support
  • Routes  incoming faxes to email
  • Transforms InterForm400 output to fax format
  • Manages the handling of both outbound & inbound faxes
  • You can send DBCS and unicode faxes
  • The ability to distribute documents from your PC via InterFax PC driver

InterFax400 will provide your business with a seamless solution, as well as security.  It will also give you the ability to centralise your System Output Solutions, maximising your time to ultimately provide your business annual savings.

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