How to incorporate text boxes into your business documentation using InterForm

Have you ever wanted to incorporate blocks of text into your business documentation? 

Let Logicmate show you how to insert text boxes with InterForm, with this exciting new feature available in InterForm400.

Previously, in the earlier versions, you were restricted to the amount of text you were able to include in your business documents. To give you an idea, if you wanted to insert a whole block of text, you would have to chop it up into sections and manipulate them to look how you wanted them to appear – a bit of a headache.  A good example of where this new function would be particularly valuable would be including terms & conditions on the back of purchase Invoices, which historically would be an arduous task. 

All of this has changed with the new 2020 supported version of InterForm400. You now have the ability to incorporate a block of text that you can cut and paste from a variety of your business documents in word, excel, google docs etc.. into the text block.  It can then be formatted within the document. 

Text boxes InterForm

A further advantage is that you are not just restricted to adding one block of text to your output documents, you can add multiple blocks. You can also set margins and add various characteristics and InterForm will wrap the text according to the size and amount of characters. 

Features & benefits of inserting blocks of text in your business documents using InterForm: 

  • You can set your own margins & characteristics 
  • You can add multiple text boxes
  • You can format the text in line with your corporate branding, fonts & styles 

Click on the video below, where Tracy shows you how easy the new process is. 

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