Secure PDF Output

Many companies are opting to move away from paper-based processes, particularly to reduce their carbon footprint.  

As a result, the need to implement a secure PDF output electronic documentation process has never been more important. This is where InterForm comes into its own, by providing an intelligent solution for your output management needs.  

Secure PDF Output

InterForm is an intuitive system output management solution that enables you to create and develop a bespoke infrastructure to give you total freedom to design, handle, centralise and distribute your business documents.

With InterForm’s AdvancedPDF400 module, you can do so much. You can archive, digitally sign, personalise as well as add an extra layer of security with password encryption to your documents.

Above all, this allows you to send the right information, in the right format, to the right recipient, as well as archive your documents in searchable & multiple PDF formats.  

We have two solutions for Secure PDF Output, depending on your business needs.  InterForm400  is our IBM i Solution  and the benefits of InterForm’s AdvancedPDF400 are: 

  • PDF Security
  • Certificate and digital sign
  • Encryption and password protection
  • Merge and combine PDF files
  • Embed any file format in PDF
  • Streamline reminder and certification process
  • Automate manual processes
  • Match content automatically
  • Supports multiple formats PDF, PDF/A 1b, 2b, 3b
  • Bookmark, file naming, links
  • Meta tags and index files support
  • DMS ready
  • Comprehensive compression
  • Preview PDF
  • Much more

Take the PDF Secure, Digital Signature and Electronic Invoicing feature of InterForm400, the days of having to physically print a document, sign it and send it back are gone! You also can apply software certificates to your PDF files to ensure they are secure and compliant worldwide. 

Then, there’s our platform Independent solution InterFormNG with the same features on different platforms. 

We mentioned above the need for businesses to reduce their overall printing – this is really where InterFormNG excels, giving an open platform approach. It allows you to create multiple PDF formats with the InterFormNG PDF Engine. Also, as it natively supports multiple formats, you are able to reproduce the exact same PDF format and content to ensure consistency. 

The beauty of InterForm is that no matter what business system you use, it’s compatible and super easy to implement. 

Why not let us help? 

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