Accelerate your IBMi digital transformation with low code.

Low code does exactly what it says on the tin – an easy and speedy software development approach that enables the delivery of applications fast and with minimal coding.

Research suggests 65% of application development activity will be low-code by 2024. It’s a no brainer as to why! This evolving concept is essential for businesses to remain modern, competitive and accelerate their digital transformation journey. 

In a nutshell, low code is a browser based, entirely flexible, visual approach to software development, using simple drag and drop features without the need to write reams of code. 

What’s more – no formal coding knowledge is required! By having such a user friendly platform, anyone with a creative idea can build and create their own bespoke applications using low code. 

Here are some of the benefits to using Low-code and how it advances digital business in many ways:

  • Speed – accelerate software development as much as x10 faster than traditional methods.
  • Reduce cost – building apps in less time, plus no formal developers required, reducing hiring costs.
  • Higher ProductivityMore apps, less time. What used to take months can be reduced to days, even minutes.
  • Improved customer experience – Adapting to market changes and customer requirements, quickly and easily. 
  • Business Transformation – helps accelerate your transformation journey, innovate and adapt faster.

The quick adaptation of low-code significantly accelerates digital transformation in many ways. This acceleration offers a significant benefit to the business, especially in process ,execution, operation, and most of all, survival, continuity, and growth. 

More than these benefits, the ultimate satisfaction that low-code gives to digital acceleration is the ease of business to the ultimate end-users and clients.

If you are ready to get started with low-code solutions Logicmate is here to help!  Contact one of the Logicmate team to accelerate your digital transformation journey today!

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