Main new features in InterFormNG2 version 3.10.

Support for Java scripts in the Workflow

Now you can call a java script in the workflow e.g. to alter the payload or setup values for workflow variables, that has been found via a script. Executed via the new Workflow component, Run a script.

Choice and join

Improvement to the standard choice workflow component. This branches out depending on conditions, but transforms execution to the next workflow via the join branch – no matter which select branch, that was selected:

Support for variables in the transformation designer

Support for both Workflow variables and internal variables (that cannot refer to the input XML) has been added.

The designer now also supports the WebP image format.

Option on a table row to disable block protection

Previously a row/cell of a table was always block protected, but now you can enable a page overflow in the middle of a cell/row:

Errors displayed on the template preview error log now links to the element in error.

If you click this link, then you will jump to the exact element in the template, that has caused this error. 

Database lookup option directly in XPath e.g. in the designer


Calculation of text width

The width of a text depends not only of the number of characters, but also the characters used e.g. 10 ”i”s are much slimmer then 10 ”M”s. So a classic question is: How large a font size can I use for a dynamic text?

The new function, ng:measureFont can be used for calculating the width of a text given the font and font size, so you can use this to adapt the font size e.g. like so: (Insert a text into a container width of 5 cm.)

The decision tree works like this:
Use size 48
If size 48 is too large: Use size 24.
If size 24 is too large: Use size 12.
If size 12 is too large: Use size 6.

Use both Windows OS and IBM i OS printers on Windows installations, that connect to an IBM i

If you use InterFormNG2 on a Windows machine and connects to an IBM in order e.g. to process spooled files on output queues, then you can now also print to Windows printers and e.g. use the Windows driver for printers, that are not DP,ZPL or PCL compatible. You can select the OS system on the printer setup:

A search field has been added to the printer list in the settings screen

You can now subset the list of printers to faster find a specific printer. Useful for customers with many printers…

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