Logicmate’s Output Management Solution – Letter Sorting with InterForm

Did you know that Logicmate can help streamline the output of your systems to save time & money with our Output Management Solution – letter sorting with InterForm?

We had a client reach out to us as they wished to streamline their letter output to their clients.  We provided a consultancy service on-site, so we could fully immerse ourselves into the organisation, to give us a better understanding of their existing letter output management process. 

The existing manual task was to print out large quantities of printed letter correspondence, then they had to sift through piles and piles and piles of letters and sort into postal requirements of 1st or 2nd Class.  As you can imagine, the process was rather arduous, thus weighing heavily on the team member and distracting them from other daily tasks.

We were able to offer an output management solution utilising one of our Partner’s  Intelligent solutions provided by InterForm. Interform has the ability to sift through all the data and convert this paper-based routine into a streamlined electronic process, that has increased the overall efficiency of the process, which in turn also provided cost savings. 

We spent time listening to our client’s challenges, and then applied an intelligent solution that assisted them in streamlining their system’s output which has revolutionised their processes, meeting the needs of their business for the future and beyond.

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